A step – In the wrong direction

“One small step for (a) man – One giant leap for Mankind”

When a business focuses on improving “convenience” in the purchasing process, who benefits?

Under the guise of “Convenience”, I believe many companies are missing the point.

The more I think about all of the ways those who “serve” us consumers more “conveniently” are actually stepping in the wrong direction.

How is pumping your own fuel more convenient . . . or learning the Self-Check-out at the grocery . . . or placing your order at the kiosk . . . or ordering on-line for pick-up or delivery?

So, how is it more convenient for the customer to have less interaction with the “expert” in every transaction? What if you have a question that’s never been asked before, so there’s not (yet) an answer in the AI Chat or “Help”?

This is a matter of scale.

When the scale is HUGE, the companies seem to have the attitude that it’s OK not to offer personal touch because they can “afford” to lose the customers who want it . . . They provide only the level of service required to complete the transaction with the mass of (wo)men who lead lives of quiet desperation.

Who benefits most? The business owners, until things shift at which point they’ll suddenly “care more”.

Many banks are catering to this with more interpersonal (Living Room feel) in their branches.

I had an experience with the local Carrabbas this week and mentioned it in today’s Drive Time Video.

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