A Self Inflicted “Shooting Star”

Last night on “The Apprentice”, Star and Meatloaf were in the final phase of survival. One of them would fired by “The Donald”, and they were both determined to win.

Meatloaf’s approach appeared to be one of engaging Star in dialog/debate to argue his point . . . Star took the approach that Meatloaf was WRONG and she was RIGHT and that there really wasn’t anything to talk about . . .

I believe Her “Holier than thou” approach (not Meatloaf’s prowess or persistence as a debater) killed her chances of winning.

Donald Trump had already made the point that he really liked both of them, and they had both endured several weeks of the game without elimination . . . Star might have stayed in the game had she squelched her ego a smidgen and exhibited the slightest humility and willingness to seek to understand . . .

Star stopped being a “Leader” and showed her “Dictator” side.

Where Star really lost it (IMHO) was when she made the comment (I paraphrase) “Meatloaf! When YOU have the credentials I have, I’ll debate with you.”
She is saying that Meatloaf is not QUALIFIED to debate with her?

Ego can kill opportunities, reputations, friendships . . . relationships.

Even the best “Leaders” with the purist of intentions can ruin their chances of “making it to the top” if they allow the ego to control their words and actions.

No matter how high and mighty we all might fool ourselves into thinking we are . . . Word to the wise . . . Most “Stars” fall due to self-inflicted damage.

Just sayin’



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