A picture is worth a thousand words

One picture says a LOT!

20 pictures say even more . . . even exponentially more.

Pictures tell the viewers about the marketer, the photographer AND the subject.

Some folks might say they aren’t very photogenic . . . yet there are photographers who can overcome those preconceived notions and capture their real beauty.

Successful Marketers “Get” this at a very high level, and they are VERY attentive to identifying the key features and best “points of view” for showcasing the product in the finest light.

Sadly, many real estate agents DON’T get this . . .

We REALTORS can’t fake this by shooting pictures of our listings with our smart-phones just to save a few bucks on professional photographers.

Let’s get real!

Getting the best pictures for marketing – well – ANYTHING begins with proper preparation of the subject.

For houses, this begins at the curb.

  • Everything matters – Leaves in the curb, rusty mailbox, shaggy bushes, uncut grass . . .
  • Then the exterior of the house – Dirty siding, peeling paint, weather worn shutters, tarnished door knobs, dirty windows, full gutters . . .
  • Then the interior – CLUTTER, scuffed walls, dirty carpets, bad light bulbs, pet odors . . .
  • out the back door – Deteriorating deck and fencing, debris piles in the yard and/or crawl space, unkempt yard (Is there dog poop in the fenced in yard?)

Even the best photographer can’t overcome a sloppy subject.

Speaking of Photographers . . . They’ve gotta have a good eye for capturing with pictures the things that words couldn’t do justice.

Instead of shooting interior pictures of beds and toilets and bland rooms, focus on the more interesting and notable features like:

  • The pond or creek in the back yard

  • The reclaimed Mantle at the fireplace

  • The elaborate crown molding in the Living room

  • The unusually large pantry

  • The TALL and DRY crawl space with ample space for storage

  • The unique light fixture in the Foyer

  • The community amenities (Pool, Clubhouse, Tennis Courts)

Pictures matter in marketing.

When a Real Estate listing is out there with less than stunning pictures, it reflects poorly on the house AND the agent representing the Seller.

Great pictures yield FASTER sales at Higher prices and can make the difference between the REALTOR being a Superstar . . . or not.

You choose!

We Vital Few REALTORS of Pareto Realty are relentless in our pursuit of always putting the best foot forward with every house we market.

We work closely with each seller to guide them the process of preparing their house such that the photographer can capture the true essential beauty and functionality.

Connect with us when you’re in the mood to move into, out of, or within Middle Tennessee 🙂

Published by Barry Owen

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  1. As all your statements about marketing, so true and well thought out. Your blogs are very educational . Also thank you for your blog about how Pareto rewards the vital few. For another blog do you have a policy on referrals ??
    Thanx for blogging

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