A picture is worth 1000 words

I believe the best marketing tool for selling a house is GREAT pictures.

It is my opinion that posting any pictures that are less than GREAT actually harm the marketing effort.

So . . . It’s better not to publish ANY pictures than to publish less than great pictures . . .

To some degree if those are your choices (less than great or none), you’re choosing one of 2 evils.

Let’s add some more definition to “GREAT!”

GREAT begins with the subject property – Clean, uncluttered, and staged to present an accurate picture for the Prospect to imagine living there.

GREAT means “REAL – Truthful” . . . no fisheye trick photography to make rooms appear larger than they are. This chicanery irritates Buyers who feel hoodwinked . . . Not a great start towards inviting offers – disingenuous.

GREAT means “AUTHENTIC”! What this requires is for the photographer to know the house. Rather than “shooting rooms,” the GREAT photographers spend some time with the current residents to learn the features that make the house special to them. We’re then capturing the essence of the house . . . It adds a “feeling” dimension that’s absent in mediocre or poor pictures.

GREAT means “Well Rounded” – Accurate representation of all of the living spaces indoors and out. So many listings have myriad interior pictures and minimal outside images. This is unfortunate because for some Buyers, the outside spaces are oh-so-important.

Great means “Complete” . . . What’s going on beyond the boundaries of the yard? The neighborhood – Amenities – Shopping, Schools, Parks, Waterways . . . Yes, GREAT pictures of these make a difference to Buyers who don’t know . . .

Here’s the kicker:

If you’re putting your house on the market, PLEASE WAIT!

Don’t be in such a rush!

Slow down and do this thing RIGHT, and you’ll sell your house FASTER with fewer complications and you’ll depart the closing with more money in your pocket.

Of course if you’re in Middle Tennessee and contemplating a move, there’s no time like the present to get the process rolling.

Just connect with your favorite “Vital Few” REALTOR with Pareto Realty 615-502-2080 – We’re ALL about GREAT!


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