A Most Impressive Resume

Do you have a resume?

If you’re reading this blog post, odds are good you do (and you might not even know it).

Every day that you contribute and/or receive from the internet, you build your resume.

Every time you do something useful (or not) with your time, energy, and money you build your resume.

Wherever you are . . .

Whatever you’re doing . . .

Whoever you’re hanging out with . . .

You’re building your resume because “they” are watching.

Good, bad, or indifferent . . .

Diligent or lazy . . .

Well spoken or foul-mouthed . . .

Name dropper or relationship builder/connector.

Gossiper or Confidence builder.

“They” are noticing.

What you say on facebook or Twitter or linkedin or snapchat or email or text is ALL out there . . . and it’s your REAL resume.

So . . . when you go job hunting, the first thing you do is “Update your resume” to tout your marketability in your chosen field of work.

In 2 pages or less, you attempt to encapsulate the sum total of your experience and accomplishments with education and prior work experience . . . awards and milestones . . .

and you might take some level of “Poetic License” . . . some freedom of expression about your prior herculean feats.

You might fluff or more to the point – blow some things out of their proper proportion so as to impress . . .

Guess what?

You’re not fooling “Them” because “they” have been watching and know how to Google . . . YOU!

Be sure your job resume aligns with your public resume.

Special tip:

Do you want to REALLY impress your prospective Boss to be?

Put yourself on a consistent and persistent path of EDUCATION in your chosen field . . . and pursue work for which you have passion.

You can’t fake this stuff.

They’re watching . . . and noticing.

PS . . . I just hired a new “Director of Operations” and she taught (by example) how important it is to live your resume – Walk your talk.



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