A fly in the Ointment

One fly can spoil the brew!

The best tasting soup on the planet goes back to the kitchen if the diner finds a hair floating in it . . . and odds are good, that customer won’t want another bowl of soup and will be suspicious of any other offerings from that kitchen.


If you’re the discoverer of the flaw, the whole experience loses its luster.

Your perception  is tainted.

Doesn’t sound fair, does it?

You provide the BEST service imaginable, a world class ambiance, the most delectable and beautiful food, and a stellar reputation, and ONE fly can ruin it for ONE customer who will subsequently tell the story to a few hundred of his best friends . . . who will all add their own embellishments and retell their own version of the story to a few hundred of their friends and so on and so on.

Next thing ya know, your fine dining destination has been demoted to “Dive” status seemingly overnight.

Of course, this escalation isn’t necessarily realistic.

AND it’s completely possible that was the ONLY fly that has EVER flown into THAT kitchen.

This is true for ALL businesses (not just kitchens), and when it happens, we MUST respond IMMEDIATELY with punctuated urgency . . . even to the extent of over-compensating . . . As if this rare happening could be the END of your business – your livelihood.

Because it COULD be the end.

Some folks might think I’m being a tad draconian . . . infusing drama into a scenario that shouldn’t be such a big deal “because there will ALWAYS be new customers who could not possibly have heard the story.

I don’t think I’m overstating the significance of that fly/hair.

A “chink in the armor” is seldom visible, yet can prove deadly.

the Achilles Heel . . .

So . . . If your mantra is one of “Excellence,” these are things you must consider.

Be VERY intentional about keeping the flies out of the ointment . . . and when one DOES get itself into your ointment, turn ALL of your focus on diffusing the ensuing drama.

Keep it clean 🙂

Where in YOUR process could there be a few flies (or hairs) swimming around?

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