A few conclusions your tantrum might elicit for me

The Buyer has made an offer, and we’re all excited about working out the details.

The negotiation commences, and we Real Estate Sales Professionals do our best to advise and advocate for the best interests of our respective clients.

Things might not go per the plan.

Of course, we ALL want the negotiation to be smooth and easy, but that’s not always the case.

The Buyers and Sellers are emotionally charged because they are likely negotiating one the largest transactions of their life.

The REALTOR’s challenge is to maintain a certain level of “reasonableness” while getting as much of what our clients need and want.

Good communication between the REALTORS is essential.

These days though, I’m witnessing more and more agents negotiating by text or email rather than talking on the phone.

This creates a one dimensional plane of communication which often leads to problematic behavior.

There’s no “body language” or speech tenor/tone . . . and zero “small talk” to establish rapport . . . which seems to create CONFLICT!

Next thing ya know, the REALTORS begin to get emotional out of frustration with their failure to communicate effectively with each other.

Then it happens . . . One of the REALTORS EXPLODES on the other with a rant to end all rants . . . This is bad, because . . . a rant communicates to me:

  • The agent has something personal going on that’s interfering with her effectiveness
  • Maybe the agent over-promised to his client, and the negotiation is panning out to make him under-deliver.
  • Maybe the agent made a decision for his client and presented it . . . and then discovered that’s not what the client wanted . . . messy stuff.
  • Inexperience is a possibility
  • Bad advice from a colleague can create a quagmire . . .

In the end, I cannot think of a single constructive reason to rant . . .

take a deep breath . . .

go outside and scream your craziest primal scream . . .

Pause the game and cool yourself down before engaging.

One dimensional communication breeds FEAR!

Keep it calm, cool, and collected . . .

Your clients will ultimately get more of what they want with less stress for everyone.

Psssst . . . This also relates to most other human encounters . . .

Published by Barry Owen

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