A Clean Bill of Health

When you go to the Dentist, does it seem like Russian roulette?

Will this “$75 cleaning” turn into a $7,000 bridge replacement?

How ’bout your auto mechanic? You hear a new rattle in the tire and stop to have them check it . . . $2,352.67 later you’re driving out of the garage with a full set of new tires and shiny set of new brake pads.

The $399 Home inspection ends up being more like $700 because there “could be” mold, fungus, or radon and you’ve agreed to test for them.

How ’bout the pharmacist? Your insurance carrier covered the medicine last month for $46.27, but that was a special price. Today it’s $128.86.

The stock market PLUNGES because  . . .

Your clients are DEMANDING your attention 24/7/365


Money Money Money

Doesn’t matter what’s going on out there.


It doesn’t . . . as my friend Doug used to say: “No one’ll care about this 10 years from now anyhow!”

Don’t forget what matters MOST!

Take care of yourself FIRST!

Yep – Carve out enough “alone time” for sanity

Be fully present with your friends and family as much as possible.

Do your periodic Medical checkups (I had a physical last week and my obligatory “mid-Life” colonoscopy this morning – all is well)

Stay tuned to your Social, Emotional, Mental, Physical, & Spiritual well being.

And whenever necessary, give yourself permission to take a nap.

Know that you cannot possibly serve your peeps to your standards unless you’re dancing to a healthy life rhythm.

Here at Pareto Realty, we are serious about our business as we help Home Buyers and sellers move into, out of, and within Middle Tennessee, and we KNOW that we cannot do that well unless we tend to our own house first.

What will you do for yourself this week?

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