A blogger’s siesta

I took 4 days off from my daily routine of blogging.

Of course, I missed it.

and I wondered:

Would my readers notice?

Will they leave me for other bloggers?

Does it matter?

Will I lose my grove?

What if I come back to the keyboard and can’t think of anything to write?

Will “Writer’s Block” be my ruin?

and then I remembered . . .

EVERY day is a new day, and I can ALWAYS pick up where I left off . . . or start something new.

It’s MY choice 🙂

So . . . What happens if you fall out of your routine?

Will it ruin your career?

or . . .

Can you just choose to dive back in?

We all deserve an occasional siesta.

In fact, most smart people will argue that regular siestas lead to higher levels of performance.

Do as the Doctor orders . . .

Take a nap!

and let me know what happens


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