A blank Canvas – Minimalist Staging

For home buyers buying a NEW house, One of the exciting parts of the process is the “Selections.” The Buyer gets to pick colors, appliances, fixtures, flooring, etc thereby “customizing” the house to be theirs on move-in day.

Buyers buying resale houses inherit someone else’s selections and may or may not be in love with all of the choices . . . Invariably strategizing updates and improvements to be done at some point after closing.

The New construction is “turn-key” . . . Buyer gets a fresh “Punch-list” walk-through with the builder and has the fun of “Blue-taping” any and all deficiencies knowing that the house will be as close to PERFECT as possible on the day they close.

Not so with the resale. No telling what surprises might lay in wait after the closing.

So . . . what do you think today’s Buyer would do with the notion of buying an 8 year old house that’s been COMPLETELY “Neutralized” with the decor . . . with the original builder coming back to do a punch-list walk-through and Seller offering a generous decorating allowance so the Buyer can customize colors, fixtures, flooring prior to closing?

Yep . . . a resale with all of the perks of NEW.

I used to laugh when I saw REALTORS advertise listings as being “Better than New” because for sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We’re preparing our first “Blank Canvas” house for the market now. The builder has developed a punch list and will spend the next 2 weeks completing every deficiency he could find . . . and neutralizing the paint colors.

The hardwood floors will be gleaming and prospective Buyers will have allowances for choices as to all other flooring, some appliances, all paint colors  etc . . . built into the price and to be completed prior to closing (with sufficient earnest money).

Our “Staging” strategy is nothing short of minimalist . . . no furniture, draperies, paintings . . . Just a nice table in the kitchen with samples for the Buyer to peruse to select colors and flooring.

The price of this house is $969,000 – This price includes @ $15,000 allowance for decor. 6300 SF – 6 BR – 6.5 Baths – 1,500 SF unfinished basement space (Easy to finish) – on an acre that’s FLAT and pool ready – in BRENTWOOD, TN.

We’ll be LIVE on the market by July 1.

What d’ya think?

Will the Buyers like this?

I’ll keep you posted.




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