The Right People Telling your Story

Making your case

Conventional wisdom:

Find a large group of people.

Explain why you’re better.

Prove that you are the right answer.


How it actually works:

Earn attention from precisely the right people.

Gain trust.

Tell a story.

Create tension.

Relieve the tension by gaining commitment.

Deliver work that’s remarkable.

They spread the word.”

YES! Seth Godin NAILED it!

Early this week, I finally succumbed to the reality that would not likely EVER “get” quickbooks.

Truth is . . . I don’t speak it’s language. It’s so “robust”, I’m overwhelmed and frustrated with my inability to use it effectively.

Why was I using it?

Because conventional wisdom is that “EVERYONE” uses Quickbooks . . . that is . . . if they want to be a cool business owner.

I queried the awesome IBN (Independent Broker Network FB Group) for an alternative and quickly received 5 alternative platforms.

I checked each one out, and spoke to me as being right for me.

I signed up and Connected a few accounts and found it to be awesomely “appropriate” for my business.

They sent me this email today:

This IS how “it” really works!

Do you know who your right people are?

How are you actively gaining their trust such that spread the word?

Pareto Realty ain’t for everybody and certainly not a “Conventional” Real Estate Firm.

After all, we “Vital Few” understand that you want to buy or sell your house without having to learn this complicated process . . . Simply . . . You make the decisions, we’ll handle the process.

If this resonates with you, let’s talk!

You’re always welcome!


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