Leaping into . . .

Sometimes the Universe forces us to stop and smell the roses.


In this case, admire the precursor to a change in the weather . . . Like THIS:


I was walking the dogs after a particularly busy last day of the month and happened to look up. Lo and behold, there was the most magnificent swirl of grey clouds that somehow my smartphone captured beautifully.

We have tumultuous weather in the forecast for tomorrow, and this is Mother Nature’s advance warning.

Today is February 29 – a Leap Year – We only get this extra day once every 4 years. So for people who were born on this day, they only have a birthday every 4 years . . . So . . . I would be a hair over 13 if I were born on this date – fascinating!

This post is about wonderment.

So many of us settle into a rut, and we forget to look up to see the magnificence that is perpetually unfolding above us.

Leap Year invites us to LEAP (Please see Seth Godin’s take on this in this morning’s post) . . . and LEAPing is nothing short of invigorating.

It’s about throwing caution to the wind and DOING that thing that everyone has said you just cannot do.

I think “Leap” is about defying the gravity of conventional wisdom.

I also think that Leaping is that magic sauce that attracts miracles.

This stuff ain’t for the faint of heart because when we leap, we have NO clue how the landing is going to go . . . but we’ve leaped, so we might as well make the best of it.

Observers will say we are crazy.

We know better . . . We are doing nothing more than following our true passion.

Those critics are just jealous!

Will you LEAP?

When you land, will you report back to us and tell us about your adventure?

I can’t wait to hear your “Hero’s Journey Story”


(He pours another glass of Glenfiddich)

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