5 Current Topics that Matter for REALTORS today!


We REALTORS are failing in our quest for simplicity in today’s market 🙂

Of course, this is not OUR fault (This Time) . . .

An EXPLOSIVE Real Estate Market and a flurry of changes in many of our processes due to the recent “Rules Changes” (TRID) raise the need for heightened awareness for ALL Real Estate Sales Professionals.

Most Principal Brokers and Associations and Real Estate Commissions are scrambling to adapt to the new ways so as to stay compliant.

One by-product of all of this is an impact in my blogsite content because that’s my “platform” for thinking out loud and (hopefully) offering some clarity for REALTORS and Home Buyers and Sellers.

I hope you’ll explore these 5 links and plan to attend whichever ones of these events  that pique your interest.

Of course, connect with me any time with questions for clarification @ Barry@ParetoRealtyLLC.com

Seven Secrets: Staying Ethical in the Multiple Offer Mayhem

A Panel Discussion at the Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS TOMORROW morning 9-10 – I am sitting as one of the panelists and look forward to sharing and learning about this very important topic.

So Much to do . . . So Little Time

With 3 1/2 months remaining in 2015, it’s now time to FOCUS on finishing the year STRONG and building momentum that will continue through 2016 all the while IMPROVING our Personal and Professional Quality of life. This is an invitation to the Life Rhythm Workshop which consists of 4 Weekly, 2 Hour Sessions beginning October 14, 2015. You’ll emerge from this workshop with a COMPLETE “Goal Prioritizing/Setting and Time Management” solution that WORKS!

If I Hire you . . . 

A simple blog post to acknowledge that we REALTORS are MORE relevant and important every day as more challenges for Home Buyers and Sellers surface . . . and we are WORTH EVERY PENNY of our fees.

If you Plan to Buy or Sell a house on or after October 3, 2015, READ THIS!

This is a “shot across the bow” to all people interested in doing anything real estate related that includes the need for a mortgage . . . The rule changes are SIGNIFICANT, and we MUST be aware and light on our feet through the painful implementation period.

Uncertainty KILLS Credibility

A September 15, 2015 Training Session from 11-12:30 which might be more appropriately named “TAR Forms Orientation” . . . This is simply a run-through of EVERY TAR form . . . It’s function and appropriate use. 

PLEASE join these “conversations” as you are able.

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All boats rise with the tide . . . 



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