Who Ya Gonna Call?

Seth Godin wrote a provocative little blog post this morning entitled The Hard Parts in which he says:

Today, though, it’s the difficult work that’s worth doing. It’s worth doing because difficult work allows you to stand out, create value and become the one worth choosing.

Seek out the difficult, because you can. Because it’s worth it.

I agree with this premise that if everything is easy (there are no hard parts), odds are not great that the project will ultimately have significant impact/value.

It’s often said: “If success were so easy, EVERYONE would have it at a high level.”

It’s those folks who take the time to identify the hard parts and deal with them who ultimately succeed.

Unless I’m mis-interpretting Seth’s slant, I read that he is cajoling us to push through these hard parts . . . to ID them and FOCUS on them and Master them . . . and again, I agree . . . with a twist.

Yes, every project has a “Dip” (Hard Parts).

I would add another question to Seth’s question of: “which part of your project is hard?

How ’bout the question of: “HOW?

You might think me splitting hairs with this . . . I think not.

Here’s why.

If you’re the Entrepreneur, you’re the “Project Manager” and quite often the Planner and Doer . . . If a difficulty shows up, it’s YOU who must deal with it.

Be careful, though!

Don’t let your focus on the Hard Parts demoralize you . . . or distract you from the larger purpose of the project. You, the Project Manager, must stay on task with respect to moving the PROJECT THROUGH these hard parts and forward.

It’s what the Project Manager does when she doesn’t know HOW, that separates the ultra-high-achievers from the others,

If pushing through means stopping forward motion of the project so as to pause long enough to learn a new discipline, you may kill your momentum and ultimately fail.

Example: I’m in-process revamping the entire web presence for Pareto Realty – Brand new website, New Integration of Social Media, and a strong focus on SEO.

I know what I know and I know what I don’t know.

I know the Map/Plan and I KNOW the Content that’ll drive success.

I DON’T know the “Mechanics” of website construction (Writing code, creating structure, Orchestrating SEO, etc).

I KNOW my business as a real estate sales professional and Principal Broker/Owner of a growing firm.

In short . . . I know what I want/need . . . I don’t know HOW!

My choices are:

Pause my life (and the project) and LEARN about all of the stuff I don’t know (The Hard parts for me) . . . and do them myself.


Ask another question:

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Ghostbusters were specialists at capturing Ghosts . . . Their customers knew NOTHING about catching ghosts . . . They only knew that the Ghosts were there, and they didn’t want to co-exist with them . . . and they didn’t have the know-how and equipment to do it themselves.

So . . . When you hit a “Hard Part” in your project, simply do a quick assessment as to whether you personally have the know-how, equipment, time, energy, and resources to do it yourself . . . and if not . . . Find yourself a professional specialist to help you over, under, around, or through it.

BTW – This applies DIRECTLY to my primary profession as I work with Home Buyers & Sellers and Coach & train other REALTORS as they serve Home Buyers and Sellers . . . Anyone considering a move (Buying and/or selling a house) DOES have choices:

  • DIY (Do It Yourself) – FSBO (For Sale By Owner)
  • Quit – Decide not to move
  • Hire a Real Estate Sales Professional Specialist

You don’t necessarily have to slog through “The Hard Parts” all by yourself.

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