3 Hour Tour is the limit of Civility

Gilligan and his friends went on a 3 hour tour that turned into quite a long adventure on a remote island which was a veritable Psychological petrie dish.

That group of people had no choice but to co-exist and deal with each other “Warts and ALL” for what they must have believed to be an eternity.

IN a fascinating way, the Gilligan’s Island experience holds startling similarity to the possible experience of a REALTOR and Home Buyer touring homes.

My 20+ years of experience has taught me the value of the “3 Hour Tour” . . . and not longer . . . EVER!

Beyond 3 hours, both Buyer and REALTOR:

  • begin to fatigue (Looking at houses can be mentally and physically exhausting)
  • tend to stop liking each other as much . . . as they begin to see each other’s “warts”
  • Hunger and thirst set in
  • At a “typical” rate of seeing 3 hours per hour, the houses begin to blur together – 8 houses is about the maximum cranial capacity for most Buyers after which the brain turns to mush and irritability surfaces.

The truth is this process does not create an “Island” from which there is no foreseeable future rescue. ┬áThe more I pondered this, the more I realized that we can DEFINE the process in a way that negates the need to EVER be together longer than 3 hours at a stretch.

Some folks would argue that if the Buyer were only going to be in town for 2 days for the sole purpose of finding that perfect house, then the REALTOR and the Buyer would HAVE to spend every waking minute looking until they find it.

I do not concur.

We all have our thresholds of effectiveness . . . and for most of us that threshold is @ 3 Hours . . . after which mental acuity decreases precipitously, patience all but disappears, and hatred of the process surfaces.

So – Keep each “Segment” of the journey at 3 hours or less . . .

Look at houses from 9-Noon and drop the Buyer off at their hotel or a nice restaurant for a couple of hours so they can talk, eat, nap, whatever . . . and then reconvene at 2 for another 3 hour (or less) tour.

There’s another “efficiency factor” to consider regarding this concept of the “3 Hour Tour” . . . What about the Buyer who wants to do “1 hitters?”

This is the Home Buyer who can be available EVERY day at lunch or after work to view ONE property but not long enough for more than one.

How inefficient is THAT?

How ’bout we assemble a nice list of 8 properties and slice a 3 hour period of time to see them ALL? We can have a nice, congruent tour and have RELEVANCE for each one as we compare them along the way.

For me, this is about optimizing time for EVERYONE in the process (Buyers and REALTORS). It serves no one well to execute a process that creates an inescapable “Gilligan’s Island” experience.

We all need fresh air and free space to mentally process, recuperate and refuel ourselves.

Try it!

I think you’ll like it.

and . . . This “3 Hour Tour” concept could very well be the answer to achieving World PEACE!

Published by Barry Owen

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