19 Years Later . . .

When I first decided to get in the business of Real Estate Sales (1993), I noticed something about this industry.
It’s a bunch of independent contractors who could ALL benefit from an occasional Open Space Event as a way of learning from each other and building relationships . . . but pulling that off has been akin to herding kittens.
Most REALTOR conferences are “standard” – Preset agenda – Keynote speaker – TRade show . . . BORING!
I’ve always thought there is a better way and made many efforts to influence the organizers of the local groups to give Open space a try.
This year, I opened my own firm Pareto Realty www.paretorealtyllc.com and decided that it is now time to do this conference . . . So I (a one man army) launched the idea of the Nashville Real Estate Consortium www.nashvillerec.com which will be a day in Open Space around the theme:
Leveraging REALTOR and Local Business Relationships to Fortify Nashville’s Economy
I decided it should be a free event and that the funding should come from a “Trade Show” (selling booths) . . . and that we could break the mold of the traditional trade show by having the vendor sponsors embrace the event by having the trade show in the MAIN room . . . Creating a circle of tables around the circle of chairs.
The vendors would then be in the middle of the action and get exposure throughout the event . . . AND the vendors could participate fully in the event.
I imagined that 200 (or so) REALTORS might show up . . . and that I could probably get @ 25 vendors.
all proceeds after paying the bills would go to charity.
the event is may 5 . . . and thus far, through networking, I have 80 REALTORS registered and 20 vendors committed . . . I had the perfect location fall in my lap . . . have coordinated 3 “rolling kitchens” to provide lunch while a local musician entertains . . . and word is really getting out there virally . . . will start “marketing” next week to fill in the gaps.
Word has gotten back to me that “my organizing committee is doing a great job pulling things together”
Funny thing . . . I am the whole “organizing committee” and many of the participants are stepping forward to handle many of the details already.
It’s looking like my “work” may be close to being done and that I can buy a pad of butcher block paper, a couple dozen thick magic markers, a brick of post-it notes, and a couple rolls of masking tape and show up on the morning of May and Open the space . . . and let it happen.
Why didn’t I do this sooner?
Just thought I’d tell this much of the story as a way of encouraging anyone “out there” who knows of a space that really needs to be opened but is hesitating for fear of the task of coordinating it.
It really has been as simple (for me) as creating the invitation and inviting anyone and everyone who might have a care about the them ;-0
I’ll let ya know how it goes when it’s over 🙂


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