From Resolution to Reality

Seth Godin wrote a thought provoking post this morning (Imagine that).

My observation throughout my life is that “Pain avoidance” tends to squelch forward motion.

I’m not talking about the kind of pain you feel when you’re ill . . . That’s pain that might be best addressed with a doctor.

Seth’s notion is one in which he suggests that most folks trade in their pain for something LESS than their goal.

Trading in your pain

“This notion creates a cycle of dissatisfaction, an unwillingness to stick it out. There’s always a pain-free gig right around the corner, so screw this, let’s go try that.

The truth is that pain is everywhere, in every project and in every relationship and in every job. Wandering from one to another merely wastes your energy.”

Failing to deal with the pain and moving forward is akin to selling yourself (your goals) short.

Throwing the baby out with the bathroom.

Pain is weakness leaving the body.

No Pain – No gain!

This shows up all around us, and I often quip; “You cannot run  from yourself, so quitting and looking for a pain free solution will not likely get you “there.”

I believe that most relationships end (divorce) too early because of “unwillingness to stick it out”

Jobs and careers end due to dislike of the pain of pushing through to the other side.

Real estate deals sometimes end prematurely in the interest of avoiding the pain of working through the issues.

As a young Engineer Officer in the Army, my Captain’s most often heard quote was: “I Hate QUITTERS and WIMPS!” . . . those who ran from pain and looked for the easy way out.

80% (the trivial many) are Pain avoiders

20% (The vital Few) stick with it and push through the dip with steel resolve to accomplish the mission.

Those 20% folks:

  • SHOW UP and are PRESENT always
  • Follow their Hearts – Take ACTION (Responsibility) for their passion
  • Always Tell the truth to themselves and others (even when it hurts)
  • Let it go . . . Know when it’s over
These are from Angeles Arrien’s FourFold Way
If you’ve committed yourself to goals and aspirations for 2012 (resolutions) and/or painted a Vision for yourself in the future, are you willing to do whatever it takes to get there regardless of the pain along the way?
I hope so because YOU are WORTH it!
Just sayin’
PS – There’s a solid reason “The Vital Few” follows the Pareto Realty logo . . . Our firm was founded during tough times, and our resolve is to push through whatever pain we face for ourselves and for our clients . . . There is no turning back or selling out . . . We KNOW where we are going 🙂

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