10X performers – Rare, misunderstood, and oft dismissed as freaks

Those 1%ers are freaks of Nature!

They’re just like us other humans but have exceptional timing and LUCK!


That’s it!

They’re not smarter or better or harder working . . .

Their success happens because of their uncanny ability to magically be in all the right places with all the right people at the right times for an effortless confluence of mystical performance.

These folks are SuperHuman!

There’s no point in putting the energy, time, and money into attempting to replicate their success, because we cannot be they.

BUT . . . We CAN learn from them and tweak our habits and routines and associations and work ethics and ingenuity and resolve to make a difference while here on Planet Earth.

So . . . Let’s quit worrying about how “they” were so LUCKY to make it to the top, and decide, instead, to learn whatever we can learn from them and implement the bits and pieces that we glean into our individual way of being and doing.

This isn’t about “being like them” because we cannot be that person.

Perhaps, we can serve ourselves well by being open to the idea of “unlearning” some components of our “worldview”.

For some, their worldview is defined as: “I could never be that successful!”

These people are correct!

As long as that’s their self-definition, they will stay right there in their state of complacency or misery.

I’m interest in feeding a different beast.

This is the beast of possibilities.

When we focus more on possibilities, we focus less on other peoples’ status and achievements.

We cease this debilitating dis-ease of comparing ourselves to others, and we adopt a mindset of:

“I am now ready to the best ME imaginable.”

First, here’s something you have to unlearn . . . the notion that it matters what other people think about you.


I think not!

Freeing/Liberating and creating conditions for your own, personal version of success.

Caveat: As you claim and own this new commitment to be a better you, some people in your world may do their best to sabotage your efforts because they see (and may feel threatened by) the changing of you . . . They don’t want you to go!

You’ll know soon if they’re good friends because they’ll either accept the “new you” as you morph and stay with you, or they will drift away.

Don’t worry about that . . . the right people will start showing up at all the right times and the right things will start happening.

These are my wishes for you in 2019.

My Mentor Seth Godin (who doesn’t know he is my Mentor) gave us all tremendous gift this morning with his post today.

I read Seth’s post AFTER Facebook Live-ing my drive time video this morning (See below) . . . Synchronicity!

“The 10x lesson

The 10x programmer, the 10x strategy expert, the 10x surgeon.

This is something we are always in search of. The human who is playing at a different level, generating work that changes everything.

The thing is: a 1x contributor can’t become a 10x merely by working ten times as hard. The physics of time won’t allow it, certainly, but it’s also because 10x doesn’t work on the same axis. It’s not about more effort. It’s about more insight.

In order to make that forward leap, you need to trust yourself. To create space. To have the discipline to say no to distractions or even to projects that put you back into the 1x mode.

The reason that there are so few 10x contributors isn’t that we lack innate talent. It’s that our systems and our self-talk seduce us into believing that repeating 1x work to exhaustion is a safer path.”


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