1002 posts

I just noticed that I passed the 1000 post benchmark without fanfare.

That’s 1000 posts on BarryOwensBlog.com (There are a few more Thousand posts in other places).

Every so often, I take strolls down “Memory Lane” and look at things I wrote years ago just for kicks.

For sure, there’s been an evolution of writing style and content.

A variety of recurring themes come and go, yet most seem to derive from very simple concepts.

It’s a journey (quest) for “figuring things out” and sharing things that I (for the moment) think I might have figured out.

In some ways, this is self-therapy.

In other ways, it’s about sharing with other people and hoping that, in some small way, my musings will inspire some folks to follow their passions and take responsibility through appropriate action.

Whatever we call it – It’s a (mostly) daily ritual for me, and I owe a big, fat THANK YOU to all of the folks who have read and offered feedback through the years.

Here’s to another 1000 posts . . . and more simplicity.


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