10 things to consider if your business is down

Thing 1 – YOU! What’s your commitment to your business? Is it really your passion, or are you in it “just because”? Your clients know if you’re head’s not in the game. It puts a smell in the air around you. If you are “turned off”, we in the Army would say you have “Short Timer’s syndrome” . . . or “You’re a dead man walking”. Lack of passion will kill a career faster than ANYTHING else.

Thing 2 – The PEOPLE in your life – Friends, family, Clients, Associates/colleagues. Do you love them? Are they the right people? Do you coddle them? Do you pay attention to them? Do you participate in THEIR lives and include them in YOUR life? Are you showing up (Weddings, funerals, Open Houses, coffee just to connect)? These people will bring you great success if you’ll simply include them in your life.

Thing 3 – Your Database! Do you have one? Is it in a platform that you USE? Are there systems in place to automatically “touch” everyone in it on a regular basis. Will it prompt you when important things are happening (Birthdays, anniversaries)? Does it REDUCE your work load . . . or add to it?

Thing 4 – Your ROUTINE – Do you actually wake up and intentionally move through each day, or do you stumble along until the sun goes down and then fall into the bed? Take care of yourself first each day . . . Affirmations, Meditation/prayer, exercise, eat, play with family, THEN GO TO WORK . . . While at work, use your brain efficiently. Do the IMPORTANT (20%) stuff first (whether it’s fun or not) . . . Like lead generate . . . and the less important stuff (80%) later . . . Commit to meet with TWO people EVERY day about business. Have a real, defined “Quittin’ Time”

Thing 5 – Your work associates . . . Are they supportive? Who are the “coffee pot gossipers”? Stay away from them. Are you being dragged into drama that distracts you from your own work? Do these “partners in business” share and care about your success? Are they there for you when you need a lift? Who calls you when you disappear for a while . . . Just to check in?

Thing 6 – Your work environment . . . Is the physical space conducive to a good work flow? Do you feel “at home’ when you walk in the door . . . Comfortable? Is there natural light? Are your basic physical needs being met? Are the appropriate tools of your trade available. Are there paperwork flow systems in place such that you can spend less time moving paper and more time with clients and developing your business? What are the costs? Is it worth what you’re paying?

Thing 7 – Your Broker/Boss/Coach – Available when you need her? Does she schedule REGULAR meetings with you for “performance review/coaching”? Do you respect her and her knowledge of the business? Is she open and receptive to new ideas – new ways of doing business. Does she regularly and intentionally conduct appropriate training? Does she insulate you from the operational issues within the office to keep your focus on YOUR business? Is her focus on “working for you” such that you have all the tools you need to serve YOUR clients best? Is it all about the money?

Thing 8 – Are you the local expert in your field? If so, does everyone in your community KNOW (or are you a “secret agent”)? Are you published regularly? (If your answer is “No”, you can fix that by starting a blog and writing a post every few days – or better yet, daily). Do you brag about your accomplishments with press releases etc? Are you “out there” and engaged in your local Association of REALTORS, chamber of commerce, BNI, Local schools, or any other community initiatives for which you have passion?

Thing 9 – Your best friends . . . Your personal Board of Directors. Do you have one of these Boards? These are people who pick you up when you need picking up . . . knock you into reality when you need it . . . advise you candidly when things come up (personal or business). These are the folks you can go to confidentially when things go weird and you just need an ear. These folks won’t let you off the hook, and you leave every conversation feeling better about yourself and your path.

Thing 10 – ARE YOU HAVING FUN? If you’re not having any fun whatsoever, QUIT! Go do something that you enjoy even if it means taking a step back. Go back to school at a community college . . . or get your MBA . . . or a technical school. Would you rather be an auto mechanic or a writer or an artist or a musician? Don’t just imprison yourself in a dead end career (that you don’t enjoy) saying to yourself that “one day” you’ll actually be able to do what you REALLY want to do.

Life’s too short . . . REALLY!


So . . . 100% of the energy and creativity that has gone into the development of the Pareto Realty business model has been focused on crafting a “whole-istic” approach for a real estate firm. We believe we are in business as a real estate firm to anticipate and listen to the needs (Personal and Professional) of our members such that they can be the best they wish to be . . . and that this will result in an unusually high level of service to THEIR clients.

In the end . . . We ALL win.

Put some thought into these 10 things . . . and take some action NOW on any ONE of them . . . I assure you, it will positively affect your business.

I’m just sayin’



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