10 Questions every Home Buyer Should Ask Before Doing anything

After 20 years of helping Home Buyers find and purchase homes, I’d love to report that “I’ve seen it ALL” with respect to the myriad twists and turns each of my clients takes as we navigate through the process . . . but every deal and every client is unique and some are easier than others.

Buying a house is a PROCESS . . . NOT an event!

It’s just too BIG to take nonchalantly and is worthy of a measure of self-preparation prior to diving in . . .

So I offer these 10 questions to ask yourself before doing ANYTHING:

  1. Why do I want to buy a House?
  2. WHERE do I want to move?
  3. What’s my “new” house going to look like?
  4. When do I want to move?
  5. How’s the money going to work?
  6. How long will I live in this house?
  7. What do I know about the House Buying Process?
  8. Do I know a REALTOR I trust to guide and advise me?
  9. Do I know a Mortgage Lender I trust to help with financing?
  10. WHO shall I invite along with me on this journey?


I probably could lay out 20 questions . . . or maybe 50 questions . . . I think 10 is more manageable therefore more likely to be considered.

Most difficulties I’ve witnessed Buyers experience during the process arise due to deficiency of forethought . . . failure to think things through before diving in.

Even the BEST of the Professional REALTORS and Mortgage Lenders cannot help you get “there” if YOU don’t know where “there” is . . . or what it looks like.

So . . . If you want to buy a house . . . and you want a smooth process . . . spend some time with these 10 questions.

If you need some counsel as you “unpack” your answers to these questions, call a REALTOR and ask for a consultation – Most REALTORS will do this with no pay or obligation.

If you’re in Nashville (or anywhere in Middle TN), give me a call.

The BIG KAHUNA Question:

What do I want to accomplish with this move?

there are REALTORS all over the country standing ready to serve you impeccably . . . Come to them prepared and the odds of having a great experience skyrocket.

Safe travels . . .


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