House Payment $575 – REALLY?

So . . . Perhaps you are renting . . . or you might have bought a house a few years ago and would love to move because you are outgrowing your house . . . or want your kids in a different school . . . or you just want to live in a […]

How speaking your “Native tongue” may be hurting your business

Quit yelling at everyone around you in REALTOR speak! Kinda like when you run into someone who doesn’t understand what you are saying . . . so you start to speak LOUDER and SLOWER, but you say the same words. They don’t understand . . . and eventually walk away thinking you’re a jerk . . […]

Does Zero Down Still Exist?

How certain are you of what lending options are available these days? With the options and rules changing almost daily, I rely heavily on the knowledge of a few Mortgage Professionals. Got me thinking . . . I’ll bet there are other REALTORS out there with the same kinds of questions. So . . . […]