Why “Stump the Chump” has REAL value?

“Stump the Chump Free For ALL” For the past few years – EVERY week, I have offered FREE “Lunch and Learn” Mastermind events for Local REALTORS to come together to explore issues and opportunities we all face in the current market environment. I always invite local businesses to “Feed and Educate” those who come . […]

Pulling the trigger of Change

The wistful comment: “I just wish everything could stay the same” is commonly the first response when reality begins setting in that change is in order (coming soon). The tragic news is that “Everything is Moving” (ALWAYS) and that this world is and always has been in a state of transformation. We cannot seal ourselves […]


PEOPLE Can’t live with themĀ . . . Can’t live without them . . . Some we love . . . Some we hate . . . Some we love AND hate . . . Regardless of what we project, we are all interested in some level of acceptance and/or “approval” of the people around us. […]