What Tiguan, Nike, and Pareto Realty have in Common

Tiguan I saw a Volkswagon Tiguan in traffic this morning and wondered what “Tiguan” meant, so I asked Daughter Jessica to Google it for me. Here’s what she found “The name Tiguan, pronounced TEE-gwan, is a portmanteau of the German words Tiger (“tiger”) and Leguan (“iguana”)[5]“ The tag line rounds out the meaning: “The people want to play, but they want to play nice.” I […]

A sure-fire way to GUARANTEE that something you DON’T want to happen, DOES!

My daughter Allison was sitting in seat #1, and it was time to draw straws to find who she would draw as a partner on the next class project. There was one student she did NOT want to be her partner (Let’s call him “Bob”). She was to be the FIRST student to draw which […]

These days it’s ALL about “What Matters”

“What MATTERS” = “Your 20%” = “Your Vital Few” All the rest is the “Trivial Many.” This first time heard anyone use the words “What Matters” was @ 4 years ago. I was watching Gary Keller giving a talk about his “Quantum Leap” (Life Balance) program. He very matter-of-factly said (not an exact quote): “It ALL […]

Don’t Sell me! SERVE Me!

Quit telling me what I want! Odds are good that if I’m in your field of vision, I’m already a prospect. Your job is NOT to tell me what I “SHOULD” be buying from you. Your job IS to spend some time with me and LEARN what I WANT and NEED to buy. Get to […]

Call 10 People who MATTER – Meet 2 People who MATTER – EVERY DAY – You’ll Achieve Your Goals

Everyone wants to know the secret to success in sales! Of course, there are many ways to skin this cat: Knock on 50-100 doors 5 days a week in your geographic “Farm” Designate 3 hours every day to “Cold Call” – Some do this first thing in the morning – Some in the evenings Advertise […]