From Un-Plugged to Re-Entry

Some folks might think this happening to be unconscionable! For sure, it does tend to lean towards heresy in the world of Real Estate Sales much less for a Principal Broker embroiled in the day-to-day operation of a highly productive group of elite Home Selling Professionals. Rather than “recreate the wheel”, I am copying below […]

Take your medicine!

Thor didn’t want to take his medicine this morning! All of the other dogs LOVE the Bravecto Chews they all get every 3 months, but not Thor! Bravecto is an awesome Tick and Flea medicine that makes the dogs toxic to those pests . . . A necessity if you’re gonne be a cannine in […]

The Goal: Total Market Presence via Niche Strategy

We’re not striving for “Market Dominance . . . Market Proliferation”! We don’t want to “OWN” the market . . . That sounds like WAY too much work. Once you “own” something like a market, you become the largest target for anyone and everyone and thus find yourself shifting from Offense to Defense as you […]

Will that new Discount Brokerage take business from me?

Pretty much every day, I hear of a new real estate firm business model. That’s what happens when the market is HOT . . . Suddenly, everyone wants to be a REALTOR because the myth tells them that all REALTORS are KILLING it in this HOT market. For sure, the population and REALTORS and firms […]

Why Pareto Realty?

I hear this question often: “Why Pareto Realty?” Of course, we can go 2 ways with this question, and both get to the same place. Way 1 “Why the NAME Pareto Realty, rather than “Barry Owen Realty” or a more “Traditional” name?” The answer is that we wanted our Firm to have a name that […]