The Next MAJOR Internet Paradigm Shift?

It’s a byte eat byte world out there on the World Wide web IDX Provider blocked by MLS because data was compromised Target security breach exposes MILLIONS of people to identity theft Crye-Leike turns off Zillow and Trulia feeds in Memphis Zillow, Trulia, and REALTOR.COM call EVERY REALTOR daily to sell zip codes Agents sick […]

Where to find the right education to LAUNCH your business?

In February of 1993, I “separated” from the US Army and began my Real Estate Sales Career. As with most new agents, I knew very little about sales and even less about real estate. I wanted to ramp my business up to high level as quickly as possible, and money was tight (sound familiar?), so […]

Call 10 People who MATTER – Meet 2 People who MATTER – EVERY DAY – You’ll Achieve Your Goals

Everyone wants to know the secret to success in sales! Of course, there are many ways to skin this cat: Knock on 50-100 doors 5 days a week in your geographic “Farm” Designate 3 hours every day to “Cold Call” – Some do this first thing in the morning – Some in the evenings Advertise […]

Constructive Busyness

It’s not very difficult to be busy. Most of us humans wake up each morning and do our routine of getting ready for a BUSY day. There are a couple of ways we can be busy. We might busy ourselves by doing the following: Meditate and/or Pray Read Plan and Calendar Eat Exercise Love, Laugh, […]

Starting NOW!

I’ll bet a million bucks that YOU know EXACTLY what you should be doing to achieve a high level of success . . . and you are either partially executing or not executing at all. Why? Why do people who KNOW what it takes because they know who and what brung’m to the top . […]