Unfriend As The Demise of Commitment

“Commitment Issues” complicate. Folks who are not willing to commit are considered to be “Wishy Washy” – Flakey – Unreliable – Unpredictable . . . Unwilling to take responsibility. In fact, it might be said that without a measure of commitment, you stand for . . . NOTHING! Facebook’s a fun place to hang out. […]

On Ways Social Media Can Be Socially Suicidal – BONUS – 2 Top 10 Lists

There are not many people in the “civilized world” who are not engaged/participating in some form of social media. Facebook alone boasts over a HALF BILLION users (Yes! 500,000,000+) – and there’s Twitter and Snapchat and instagram and facetime and linkedin and and and . . . A friend on Facebook shared this link: Facebook […]