I’m RIGHT and YOU are WRONG!

“It’s YOUR fault, not MINE!” “That STUPID LENDER is messing everything up by dropping balls.” “The Home Inspector is an IDIOT – That’s NOT broken!” “Termites? REALLY? I bet that Termite Inspector just wants a treatment job.” “There’s NOTHING wrong with that roof – That roofer is self-dealing!” “That incompetent showing center screws up ALL of […]

Know what you’re signing . . .

I’m always amazed at the number of people who sign lengthy documents without complete understanding. Isn’t it worth a PAUSE to ask questions and know a little more about the specific commitment? What does it mean? What could go wrong? Does it REALLY say what you think it says? What happens if it doesn’t . . […]

Who makes the decisions?

At the risk of over-simplifying, every consumer experience (Including professional/Client relationships) has two components . . . The Product and the Process. In my view, it’s the job of the professional to handle the process in such a smooth and anticipatory way that the client may not even be aware that there IS a process . . […]

Why is “In Writing” so important?

When negotiating a real estate deal (or ANY deal), most professionals insist on offers and counter-offers being “In Writing”. “In Writing” means the parties actually have to SIGN the document attesting to their understanding and agreement of the terms. When you have to sign something, you’re more likely to READ it first. I’d say that […]


Alice Walker is the new President of the Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS and was yesterday sworn into office along with the Board of Directors (of which I am a member) at the final Membership Meeting for 2010 of the association. As is customary, the outgoing President Lucy Smith offered a very gracious and moving speech with much gratitude […]