My Calendar is mostly blue

This is an unapologetic plug for the power of “Time Blocking” Here’s my calendar for next week: For years, I resisted the siren call of the practice of Time Blocking. After all, I was pretty much born an entrepreneur which (by definition) translates to being “FREE” to do as I please and ever imagining new […]

Do not FEAR the Budget!

What’s your visceral response to the word “BUDGET”? For most folks, it evokes a primal flinch with the face contorting as it might immediately upon biting into a lemon. Yeah! “Budget” has a bad rap because it represents the tedium of keeping track of what’s coming in, what’s going out, and calculating the difference. Maybe […]

The art of scheduling – 10 Tips to Mastery

How often do you double (or triple) book yourself? When you do, how do you reconcile the problem? Which of the meetings do you reschedule and will you fess up to goofing? Has this double (or triple) booking yourself become a habit? Be careful . . . you might earn a new “Wishy Washy” badge […]