OUCH! A 10 Hour Meeting?

Odds are good that if you were to attend a meeting that lasts 10 Hours, you would want it to be USEFUL and productive use of your time, right? I think most people will answer: “YES!” because time is valuable . . . Once you spend it, you cannot have it back. We all have […]

Go “on Retreat” Daily for Optimal Performance

When’s the last time you felt slightly scorched around the edges and on the verge of melt-down (Burn-out)? Given the time of year . . . odds are good, you’ve been there a few times very recently as you juggle all of these balls of keeping your business pursuits moving forward while adding all of […]

Monday Morning Coffee – 60 – 360 – 86400 – 604,800 – 2,419,200 – 31,556.926

60 Seconds in a minute 360 Seconds in an Hour 86,400 Seconds in a day 604,800 Seconds in a Week 2,419,200 Seconds in a Month 31,556,926 Seconds in a Year (For those who are checking my math, The “year” figure doesn’t mesh exactly – It’s the “actual”) What in this world are you DOING with […]