Monday Morning Coffee – Playing to the Level of the Competition

I see it play out on sports fields, in business, and in interpersonal interactions . . . A tendency for teams and people to play up (More aggressive and effective) when playing against a team of the same or better caliber . . . and play down (Less aggressive and effective) when playing a team […]

The BAU and your success

Have you watched “Criminal Minds”? It’s an addiction of mine. I don’t watch it because of the suspense and drama and mystique (although all of that is there). I watch it because it ENGAGES my brain . . . It’s not “mindless TV”. The BAU is the “Behavioral Analysis Unit” . . . a group […]


PEOPLE Can’t live with them¬†. . . Can’t live without them . . . Some we love . . . Some we hate . . . Some we love AND hate . . . Regardless of what we project, we are all interested in some level of acceptance and/or “approval” of the people around us. […]

The “All Home Sellers Are Desperate” Syndrome . . .

Surely anyone who has decided to sell a house in this economy MUST be doing so in sheer DESPERATION! What rational being could even POSSIBLY think that a house could sell quickly for “enough” money these days? After all . . . Doesn’t EVERYONE know that the statistics for home sales are in the crapper […]

Monday Morning Coffee – It’s ALL 20-80

Good morning! The coffee is hot and we’re ready for the sun to rise so we can find out if that rumbling 4AM Thunderstorm felled any trees in the yard. Between Cicadas and turbulent weather, Mother Nature sure is entertaining us this Spring. In the early 1900’s, Vilfredo Pareto¬†Observed a phenomenon that would later be […]