When you know you’re on a GREAT team!

Talent is not enough! A superstar cannot perform at her best without a solid team in the trenches WITH her. I’ve seen many extreme athletes bedazzle the crowd with their super-human moves and finesse . . . while the team’s win-loss record is more LOSS than WIN! There’s this magical thing called “FLOW” which kicks […]

When you don’t take care of yourself

“You’re not just hurting yourself . . . the WHOLE team suffers!” Coach Marmolejo spoke these wise and timeless words at 1/2 time in today’s Soccer game. Many of our players were sluggish and di not have their heads in the game, so he asked a few questions: Who had a sleep-over last night? Did […]

The Friday Night Rush at Panda Express

We happened to be in Madison, Tn Friday night and collectively got the urge for some Chinese Food. Remembering we had passed a Panda Express earlier, we headed there. As we entered the door, we saw a LONG line of people waiting to be served and the air was charged with ENERGY . . . […]

Monday Morning Coffee – When a Team Comes Together

We see it every day . . . A team of talented performers/players who show up for the game and everything goes wrong. It’s these out of synch moments that can be real morale killers. Often, the first fumble can kill any possibility of early momentum to carry through the rough parts of the match. […]

Monday Morning Coffee – The gelling of a team

When we put out the call for players for our 5th grade Girls Basketball team this season, we were overwhelmed by the response. Due to a few of the League coaches “Retiring,” there were many “Orphaned” players, and the word got out that we had a great coach. All of our players from last season […]