When we Open Space for Self-organization to Flourish

It’s all Open Space! Forever stuck in my mind is my Father’s (Harrison Owen) comment something along the lines that “Everything is Self-Organizing . . . always has been and always will be!” I find this to be true! As I began imagining the launch of my new Real Estate Sales firm Pareto Realty in […]

Safety Requires Participation

As we (along with 10,000 of our closest friends) were walking to the start of the annual Boulevard Bolt – a 5 mile Thanksgiving Morning Run, we approached the parking lot and were following the herd of people streaming¬†along. Few, if any, of the people were paying any attention whatsoever where they were going assuming […]

Who is this “Mr Mcguire” guy?

Don’t you love it when you need something done . . . or when something has gone awry, and the person you are dealing with has no power or responsibility whatsoever. This person “serving” you is as helpless as you are and could just as well be a manikin. “We can’t do it that way […]

Monday Morning Coffee – The Right Time to . . .

“Potential” is ALWAYS sitting on the sidelines eagerly awaiting that call to show itself. Whether it be the potential performance of an athlete . . . or potential success of a Business . . . or potential derived from new relationships . . . or potential for every person on this planet to accomplish great […]

The Reward:Benefit inequality

Does anticipation of a reward always motivate higher performance? Some would say: “that might depend on what the reward is!” If the player doesn’t see the value . . . the benefit of the reward, the probability of goal achievement (winning) decreases precipitously. When served in the Army, I received many awards and was consistently […]