Kids, Puppies, and Storms

It’s all about unpredictability, but ya gotta love’m! Why love them? Because they’re so adorable, and they really do try so very hard. Without them, life would be so banal. Everything is moving along as usual . . . and then things get quiet . . . VERY quiet! That’s when know something’s awry. The […]

There is no substitute for action

If you snooze, you lose! Did you miss the boat? How many times in your life – Recent or past – have you missed a great opportunity because you “didn’t move fast enough” or didn’t move at all? My observation is that we all lean. Some of us naturally lean forward INTO opportunities . These […]

Analysis Paralysis Epidemic

So you want to get it “right” before you LAUNCH it? Yeah! I get it! You don’t want to put a half-baked idea or product out there. How will you know when it’s baked enough to reveal? Do great ideas and new business ventures have those little red buttons that pop out when the bird […]