If you’re waiting for someone else to do it, you’re moon walking

Yep! The Michael Jackson Moon Walk . . . BACKWARDS! We’re in a world in which the average Joe will abdicate responsibility if given the chance. When things go awry, most folks will look the other way . . . or stand and gawk . . . or “armchair quarterback” These folks will be the […]

Monday Morning Coffee – The Power of Positive Thinking

Good Monday Morning! This morning, I have several “Guest Writers” 🙂 Would you like to win the LOTTERY and become an INSTANT MILLIONAIRE? Will the power of positive thinking make this happen for you? I don’t think anyone really knows – Maybe yes – Maybe no . . . But we ALL know that you’ll […]

From Resolution to Reality

Seth Godin wrote a thought provoking post this morning (Imagine that). My observation throughout my life is that “Pain avoidance” tends to squelch forward motion. I’m not talking about the kind of pain you feel when you’re ill . . . That’s pain that might be best addressed with a doctor. Seth’s notion is one […]

What just happened? Why?

There are a LOT of moving parts in our lives these days. The news doesn’t help much, does it? Just when we think we’ve made it through a crisis, the media finds another one. Invariably, the analysis by the “experts” and or participants in said drama deteriorates into finger pointing and the “blame game” as […]