The Holiday Real Estate Twilight Zone

The real estate market gets wonky during the Holiday Season. There really isn’t any ‘splainin’ that will satisfactorily make sense of this VooDoo, but I will do my best to describe it . . . and then point out some benefits of buying and/or selling a house NOW. Most of the inventory is “Stale” because […]

The best Contact Manager Program?

Many sales people are looking for that “Magic Bullet” of CRM programs. This is a search for a Holy Grail that I’m not sure exists. Most CRMs are more powerful than they need to be. The sales person just wants the CRM to create success and often ends up “working for” the CRM rather then […]

Ready – Set – GO! – Monday Morning Coffee

We learned this at an early age! In almost everything we’ve ever done, we been taught to be prepared . . . such that, when the time is right, . . . we can quickly get “set” mentally, physically, and organizationally to . . . GO! – LAUNCH! – TAKE ACTION! We know that our […]