“It sounds like we’ve got a situation on our hands…”

Well! Seth Godin did it again! He hit the nail on the head . . . a nail that most people avoid like the plague . . . in today’s blog post: Let’s start with “sorry” How do YOU handle sticky situations? When you hear the phone ring and see “THAT PERSON’s” number on the […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Who’s in charge of caring for your self?

Stephen Covey calls it “Sharpening the Saw” and mentions some things to consider: Spiritual – Prayer and Meditation Mental – Reading, learning, Thinking Social – Getting out there Emotional – Moderating DRAMA infusion Physical – Take care of you body (Where will you live if it dies?) I believe most folks leave these things to […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Everyday Greatness

Good morning! This month’s book club book is Stephen Covey’s Everyday Greatness – Inspiration for a Meaningful Life. Follow the link to the “Pareto Store” where you can grab a copy so you can read along with us 🙂 How could you not be curious about a book by THAT title? I’m just getting through the Introduction […]