Even in this HOT market your house may be INVISIBLE to most Buyers

Yesterday I posted on Facebook: “I showed 5 houses today and three of the five were absolutely magnificent. The others were similar size and price range but just okay. Which ones do you think my buyer is considering? If you don’t make a concentrated effort to be the best in your field . . . […]

Building Buyer Excitement for New Listing – Art (not science)

Listing agents dance on a fine line when working with Home Sellers to prepare their house for the market . . . and then coordinating a marketing strategy that builds Buyer Excitement and anticipation. We all know that there is such a thing as not enough preparation. If the staging, condition, smell, and pricing aren’t […]

Actually SELLING the house (instead of just “Listing it for sale”)

There’s a HUGE difference between “Listing a House” and “SELLING a House,” and clearly some REALTORS are better than most others on that “SELLING” part. The listing part is fun, but doesn’t do a lot of good for anyone involved if it doesn’t SELL . . . SO . . . We’re having a session […]