Life in all its richness

“LIVE like you are Dying!” “Live like there’s no tomorrow!” “Get busy on that bucket list.” “Life’s too short . . . ” How many catchy phrases inviting us to live our lives to the fullest can you remember? Why is THIS so difficult for all of us? I guess if we all lived in […]

Monday Morning Coffee – One Small Favor . . . Please?

Good Morning! Have you ever considered the “Ripple Effect” of one small favor? Just an ounce of generosity can create a TON of good will. This phenomenon defies all of the Laws of Physics. How can one small gesture launch a chain of events that influence the lives of so many others? This video offers […]

Love Works – Spirit Works – Leadership

The Leaders who understand that Leadership is about more than high performance numbers and statistics are the 20%ers – The Vital Few. These leaders “get it” . . . they know that the highest performing teams that can excel over time get that way for reasons that transcend corporate goals and top-down mandates to please […]