Monday Morning Coffee – Snowmageddon 2 – and Gridlock

Snowmaggedon2 hit Nashville (and most of the Southeast) yesterday morning. The forecasters got this one right, and there seems to have been minimal unexpected drama for most folks. The message for the past few days has been a consistent “Don’t plan anything important for Thursday – Just expect to stay home.” When I woke up […]

Can Yucky Weather kill Real Estate Market Momentum?

Nasty Winter weather sure can paralyze a city. Some cities are better equipped to handle large volumes of snow and ice than others, but even the most experienced cities can get overwhelmed and “snowed in.” So . . . When mobility is out of the question, does the real estate market FREEZE until everyone can […]

What d’ya mean you’re closed due to the weather?

We’re having a “Weather event” in Nashville today. Nashville doesn’t get much snow, but when we do, it’s something to behold. Lucky us . . . there’s this imaginary Weather line East to West above which tends to be colder resulting in SNOW . . . Below that line, it’s slightly warmer resulting in Freezing […]