It’s fancy, but does it work?

This is a “Useless Box” Post by Yo Mama. What I love about this is there no trickery or deceit . . . That box really IS useless for anything other than idle amusement. I think just about everyone would tire of flicking the button after a few hundred tries. These days. there’s no shortage […]

One Less thing to do . . .

My Father Harrison Owen hit THIS nail on the head! I pilfered the following gems from a post he wrote yesterday on the Open Space Technology Listserve: “With increasing age and experience it has become clearer and clearer that the less I do the better things work.” “It is not that I have no agency or […]


I like simple things. Don’t you? This is not to say that complicated thoughts don’t swirl in our heads non-stop in this time of raplexity. If we’re not careful, this raplexity can sneak up and consume our consciousness at which point we begin practicing the fine art of “being overwhelmed with it all” which leads […]