10X performers – Rare, misunderstood, and oft dismissed as freaks

Those 1%ers are freaks of Nature! They’re just like us other humans but have exceptional timing and LUCK! Yeah! That’s it! They’re not smarter or better or harder working . . . Their success happens because of their uncanny ability to magically be in all the right places with all the right people at the […]

When people say this cannot be done . . . Don’t listen!

When I joined the ranks of Real Estate Sales Professionals, there was very little sales training available. The year was 1993 – no internet yet. Our MLS listings were published bi weekly – Yes – HUGE Telephone book (remember those?) sized books. My first Broker assigned me to a desk with a phone and said: […]

You are an indomitable force of 1

I’m going to do my best not to make this post the flurry of clichés, it has such great potential to become. Regardless of what you might think, the reality is that you ARE the one who is solely responsible for your experiences while here with us on planet Earth. Yep! It’s on you! Every day, […]

The ultimate Time, Energy, and Money Saving system

Years ago, I decided to forbid any and all Impulse purchases. Of course, I “fall off the wagon” once in a while and buy stupid and impracticable  stuff that I don’t need, but we’ll chalk that off to being a human in a 1st world country. The Marketers sometimes win over my will to be […]

Why do Invisible fences work?

The dogs learn the boundaries. Yep! For most dogs, the invisible fence shows up, and the dog gets a physical “nudge” (shock) any time she crosses a boundary. Dogs are smart, and they make a mental note not to cross that boundary again. Once they know all the boundaries, we humans could turn the fence […]