Thanksgiving Ritual

Since 2015, Seth Godin has posted this post on the Monday before Thanksgiving! Every year, I forward this to everyone I know because I believe that, whether you read any part of this message or do the whole gambit of reading it around the Thanksgiving Table, good will come.Happy Thanksgiving! “If every day were Thanksgiving […]

Well – That digital experiment was entertaining

If you’re still playing the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) game, STOP! The odds are VERY slim that you’ll be discovered as a result of the time, energy, and money you’re squandering. Consider Seth Godin’s post this morning: The Google tax Here are a few enlightening highlights: “The tax we each pay so that companies can […]

A recurring theme – Bigger results in caring less . . . or does it?

Seth Godin published this post today: Too big to care “As brands get bigger (and bigger might be as small as an organization with just two people in it), policies kick in. Policies and budgets and bureaucracy. The brand has become too big to care. I mean, it might be big enough to┬ápretend┬áto care. To […]

The Power of Coming out from Behind the Service counter

Doesn’t it feel great to be served well? I think I’m accurate saying that all people appreciate when they feel “cared for”! In truth, we crave this. We thrive on human to human interaction. Seth Godin offers a great example in his blog post this morning. The $50,000 an hour gate agent I had an […]