A recurring theme – Bigger results in caring less . . . or does it?

Seth Godin published this post today: Too big to care “As brands get bigger (and bigger might be as small as an organization with just two people in it), policies kick in. Policies and budgets and bureaucracy. The brand has become too big to care. I mean, it might be big enough to┬ápretend┬áto care. To […]

The Power of Coming out from Behind the Service counter

Doesn’t it feel great to be served well? I think I’m accurate saying that all people appreciate when they feel “cared for”! In truth, we crave this. We thrive on human to human interaction. Seth Godin offers a great example in his blog post this morning. The $50,000 an hour gate agent I had an […]

Comcast Scheme Revealed by Seth Godin

This has gone too far There IS such a thing as “TOO BIG” in Corporate America. I know – This is Capitalism at it’s finest. Big fish eat little fish! ENOUGH ALREADY! We don’t have to put with these corporate MONSTERS anymore. Lucky ME! I hit the lottery last week, so the dogs and I […]

Sounding Board or Echo Chamber?

Seth Godin and I are on the same wave-length today. People who always prefer validation that their ideas and opinions are flawless have chosen to live in an echo chamber. They thrive on hearing their messages emanating from their vocal chords to proselytizing their wisdom to their indentured followers . . . and take tremendous […]