Is it REALLY a team?

My daughter Jessica went all “Metaphysical” on me today after her Basketball game. Her team of 12 girls has plenty of talent . . . and drive . . . and play well together on the court (for the most part). But when they’re not HOT (Like today), They lose BIG. After the first half, […]

“Natural Impulse to Assemble”

Bill Bryson – In his book *A Short History of Nearly Everything¬†talking about the unlikely appearance of life on the Planet earth perhaps as long ago as 3.85 BILLION years seems to boil it all down to “this natural impulse to assemble.” I’d say that his book is a MUST READ for anyone who is […]

“Under Construction”

Is “it” EVER done? Isn’t one of the secrets to living a full and productive life a clear understanding that the JOURNEY matters more than the destination? Enjoy the ride! Ride the wave of Transformation! What keeps us engaged and motivated in the moment is the HOW we progress towards our vision. If we center […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Riding this wave of Transformation

Good Morning! My Father Harrison Owen wrote a book published in October of 2010 entitled¬†Wave Rider:¬†Leadership for High Performance in a Self Organizing World The link is to the page where you’ll find a couple of great reviews summarizing many of his ideas. The primary premise being one that “Everything is self-organizing” . . […]