Why your hurry?

Every day I hear of another friend striking out on a new entrepreneurial pursuit/career. BRAVO! For sure, there’s plenty of opportunity for smart, hard working folks with great big, shiny new ideas. I know because I did it myself in 1993 as a full time Real Estate Sales Professional. Back then, I didn’t think of […]

Not satisfied with the results of your hard work?

I believe that most folks yearn to excel personally and professionally. After all, who wakes up every day with enthusiasm for a full day of hard work that has minimal recognizably positive results? Doesn’t much of the value we bring to our clients and customers derive from our ever improving ability to execute our expertise […]

Creating Value . . . with less effort?

Sometimes Seth Godin talks directly to ME in his daily blog posts. Today is one of those days. I’ve been mulling over this push-me-pull-you enigma that I’ve witnessed so many great companies seem to chase to the bottom. Comcast, Amazon, Apple, entertainers . . . and the list goes on. Clearly, “scaling up” a company […]