Flush an ice cube down the toilet . . .

Put a spoon under your pillow! Wear your pajamas  inside out! Do the snow dance! That’s Allison’s 4-step ritual to bring enough snow to cancel school in the morning. Because we are getting sleet mix tonight, and the weather calls for the possibility of slippery roads, there’s hope for the kids . . . hope for […]

Take care of YOURSELF first!

Financial planners and consultants often say: “Pay yourself FIRST!” . . . to encourage folks to set money aside in RESERVE before paying everyone else (the bills) . . . they know that if you don’t pay yourself first, you’ll likely get into a pattern in which you don’t EVER pay yourself. There are many […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Learning routine and Self-Discipline!

I begin with the disclaimer (given) that you have some level of interest in becoming more efficient with your resources (Time, Energy, Money, relationships, etc). I know that I am always focused on finding better ways to be more effective with less effort. Why? Because someone is ALWAYS moving the cheese. Just when we think […]