Keeping it clean!

A few days ago, Deb asked me to grab a broom and take down all of the spider webs around the house (mostly outside on the deck). I had noticed that there were more spider webs this year than other years and figured it was just a “Nature thing.” Deb went on to say that […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Finding Your Groove (An Interpretive Query)

Doesn’t it feel great when you’re “in your groove?” Isn’t it magical to see others who are “in their Groove” and performing at a high level seemingly effortlessly? I love observing a real PRO practicing her art. I love the RESULTS when I’m on the “being served” end of the relationship . . . Like […]

Your best source of new business is right under your nose!

How do you get it all done? Build your business . . . Service your clients . . . Execute your marketing strategy . . . Handle all of the paperwork (compliance) . . . WHEW! Getting it all done can be EXHAUSTING. What we ALL need more of is LEVERAGE! How can we accomplish […]

The BAU and your success

Have you watched “Criminal Minds”? It’s an addiction of mine. I don’t watch it because of the suspense and drama and mystique (although all of that is there). I watch it because it ENGAGES my brain . . . It’s not “mindless TV”. The BAU is the “Behavioral Analysis Unit” . . . a group […]