Will you accept responsibility?

You are your own megaphone! Who are you broadcasting yourself to be? Will you admit to being influenced by: Digital peer pressure? “Independence brings freedom, but also responsibility.” Seth Godin hits the nail on the head . . . AGAIN! Do you have an awareness that, in many ways, you choose to define yourself by […]

Highest and Best

“Highest and Best” seems to be showing up in conversations relating to myriad topics these days. Some ways I hear folks apply: We have multiple offers! Give me your Highest and Best offer NLT 5 PM tomorrow. We will let you know if you win the property by 10 AM next day. What’s the Highest […]

No Competition!

Wouldn’t it be great if you had NO competition? In that world, your phone would ring and provide you with a consistent flow of good, quality leads. These leads would be people who are JUST like the people with whom you most enjoy working. These new customers and clients would respect your time and boundaries […]

Taking Responsibility – Fueled by PASSION

What do you REALLY care about? Who ARE you? When you “Take a Stand”, who’s standing there with you? At your core, what’s your PURPOSE? When you die, who’s coming to your funeral and what will they (and your epitaph) say? All of the above begs you to recognize your personal PASSION . . . […]

“Someone” should DO something about this!

The traffic light is flashing yellow at the busiest intersection creating mayhem. The service at the restaurant is SLOW. The grocery store has 2 “frozen aisles” . . . on opposite ends of the store, so at the end of you shopping you either have soupy ice cream or thawed french fries. The list goes […]