Genuine Interaction

Every time I go out to eat with my friend Buck, I witness genuine interaction. Always and forever when Buck sits down at the bar or a table . . . as the Bartender or server approaches, Buck is the first to speak. “Hi! My name is Buck – What’s yours?” Instant interaction. Interpersonal interaction […]

R E S P E C T – Monday Morning Coffee

Can you COMMAND respect? When I was in the Army, I witnessed some officers who COMMANDED the respect of “their subordinates” while others respected the soldiers under their command and earned the respect of the soldiers who serve WITH them. I always considered the former to be bullies and the latter to be LEADERS. I […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Memorial Day Tribute

“Everyone has a Veteran in their life!” I’m a Veteran who served 12 years and was fortunate not to have paid the ultimate sacrifice. For that, I am thankful . . . and because of that I am ever more appreciative of those who have – Some 1.3 MILLION of them who have persevered and […]


“Appreciatively” “With gratitude” “Thank you” “Best” “Just sayin’” “Sincerely” “With Love” “Respectfully” “Be Well” ”             ” (If you don’t sign off with anything, is the message still “open” and incomplete?) When you send a note or a letter or an email, how does it typically end? Have you put […]