Why would a House Buyer or Seller want to hire a REALTOR?

I had an “AHA!” moment a few days ago. As I near my 18th year as a Real Estate Sales Professional in the Greater Nashville, TN market, I’ve gotten somewhat lazy when it comes to advocating the benefits of hiring a Real Estate Specialist to buy or sell a house. The lazy part is a […]


Momentum builds as a result of the compilation of many single tasks . . . and thereby often creates the illusion (in the eyes of the casual observer) of sudden and awe-inspiring success. when’s the last time you saw a train sprint out of the station? “Overnight success” is almost always a myth. Success shows […]

For Those Contemplating a Move!

There’s no time like the present to buy and/or sell a house! I can think of THOUSANDS of reasons that TODAY is a GREAT day to begin the process of Buying a new/different house . . . I don’t have time to write all of those thousands of reasons because I do have Home Buyers […]


We don’t have to look very far to find disturbing news. This perturbs me a bit (Well . . . a LOT)! The little boy repeatedly comes in from the fields crying “WOLF!”  when there really isn’t a wolf . . . Then . . . the one time there IS a wolf, the townfolk […]

The exponential benefits of sharing

When we were babies, odds are good that ALL of our parents encouraged us to SHARE . . . Our toys, our potato chips, our feelings. Why? Parents innately know that it is through sharing that we all build healthy relationships and that those who share tend to make friends faster. Sharing is SO powerful […]